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Welcome to our web site!

I am Denzel Patton, my wife is Joanne.
   We  love to work with wood.   Creating! 
We hope you like what we create!

Christmas 1999
This was our wedding day!

Joanne Patton creates beautiful jewelry - designed and crafted herself.
Her paintings created on Cherry Wood panels are unique and beautiful!  She sees the pictures in the wood, dyes the wood, adds minimal carving to bring out some shapes, then sands and oils the wood repeatedly until the pictures shine and the wood glows.  The pictures that come from her endeavors are usually filled with fish and mermaids - she supposes that is what she sees in the wood as a result of being raised and living so many years on the Puget Sound.  Whatever it is that the wood shows her, she is delighted to work with.  The results are awesome!

If you want the personal touch of handcrafted wood, check out our "wood stuff"!.  We have precision target shooting bench rests, tables and other fine items!

Amazing things can be created from trees!

Fall Colors
Please get in touch to offer comments!

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