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Our Philosophy

The objective of our business is to provide a high quality product and reliable service for our customers. We hope you will enjoy visiting our web site and using our products as much as we enjoyed making them for you.




When I was 5 years old, my dad and I were separated - I was adopted by my stepdad, who changed my name to Patton.  I missed my dad and looked for him off and on for the next 50 years.  On New Years Eve, 2003, my wife Joanne saw a picture of a Denzel Roberts on the internet.  She thought "there was a resemblence", so she crafted an informative and inquiring e-mail and sent it off to a man whose middle name was not what I thought it was.  It was a night to remember forever.  All these years I thought my real dad's middle name was the same as mine, and that I was a "Junior".  I was not.  We were flown to Houston for my dad's 80th birthday to meet him.  It was wonderful.  Names dont matter!  GENES do!  We walk alike, talk alike, think alike - have the same likes/dislikes.  I am so happy to have my dad!  He is still active and intellegent and I am proud to know I take after him!  He has been in business for several years now, custom crafting gunstocks and pistol grips.  They are fabulous!  I have ALWAYS loved to work with wood, now I know where I got it from!

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